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» Ship of Fools » View recent posts: BabyWombat

View recent posts: BabyWombat
  Thread Board Date
1 Romantic relationships between Christians and non-Christians (Post #28) Purgatory
2 Are you an extrovert? (Post #11) All Saints
3 If you're not with us .... (Post #20) Purgatory
4 Stations of the Cross (Post #5) Ecclesiantics
5 Ash Wednesday and S Valentine's Day (Post #23) Ecclesiantics
6 The Christian Contemplative Prayer tradition (Post #10) Purgatory
7 Cardinal Law's Funeral (Post #0) Ecclesiantics
8 Ignored when by yourself (Post #8) All Saints
9 Is there such a thing as an anniversary when you aren't married? (Post #75) All Saints
10 Religious neutrality and public officials (Post #95) Purgatory
11 When Christmas Eve is a Sunday (Post #71) Ecclesiantics
12 UBB Practice Thread (Post #5533) The Styx
13 When Christmas Eve is a Sunday (Post #61) Ecclesiantics
14 Welcome - important for evangelism (Post #35) Ecclesiantics
15 Welcome - important for evangelism (Post #34) Ecclesiantics
16 Have the ship boards had their day? (Post #15) The Styx
17 Discussions during church services (Post #5) Ecclesiantics
18 Look no hands! (Post #11) Ecclesiantics
19 Look no hands! (Post #2) Ecclesiantics
20 When Chrismation and Confirmation are Separate Things (Post #19) Ecclesiantics
21 Names in Intercessory Prayers (Post #19) Ecclesiantics
22 Paschal candle outside paschaltide (Post #3) Ecclesiantics
23 What's wrong with cassock-albs? (Post #16) Ecclesiantics
24 What's wrong with cassock-albs? (Post #9) Ecclesiantics
25 What puts you off from setting foot inside a church? (Post #618) Ecclesiantics
26 Personality Tests: Harmful Bullshit or Bullshit which is Harmful? (Post #11) Purgatory
27 Ashes to Ashes.... (Post #17) Ecclesiantics
28 LGBTQ Pride Services (Post #8) Ecclesiantics
29 Using formal prayers in private prayer (Post #33) Ecclesiantics
30 Where's the church's marriage advice for "non-standard" couples? (Post #9) Purgatory
31 Priestly genitalia [Ordination of Women] (Post #2618) Dead Horses
32 Religion stunts your personal growth (Post #4) Purgatory
33 Two thuribles (Post #4) Ecclesiantics
34 MW Report 3148: All Saints of the the Desert, Sun City, Arizona, (Post #20) Ecclesiantics
35 Behold, I set before you an open door (Post #3) Purgatory
36 Lent Hymns (Post #13) Ecclesiantics
37 The time has come to end discounts for seniors (Post #57) Purgatory
38 The time has come to end discounts for seniors (Post #56) Purgatory
39 Closing small churches (Post #29) Purgatory
40 Christian Vision for Men - countering romanticisation and feminisation of church? (Post #23) Purgatory
41 Closing small churches (Post #11) Purgatory
42 Siblings, Twins and Faith (Post #45) Purgatory
43 Siblings, Twins and Faith (Post #43) Purgatory
44 Anglo-Catholics and Concelebration (Post #30) Ecclesiantics
45 Pectoral crosses (Post #5) Ecclesiantics
46 Pectoral crosses (Post #1) Ecclesiantics
47 Anglo-Catholics and Concelebration (Post #26) Ecclesiantics
48 8D - Quiet Zone: Quiet meditation (Post #23) Limbo
49 New Bishop of Sheffield anti women's ordination (Post #81) Dead Horses
50 Lenten Midweek Service (Post #10) Ecclesiantics

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