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Posted by Forthview (# 12376) on :
In the mystery worshipper report about Notre Dame de Paris the poster expressed surprise at the form of the Asperges - a bunch of leaves being used instead of 'le goupillon/holy water sprinkler'.

The words of the antiphon begin with 'Asperges me, Domine, hyssopo et mundabor' (Thou shalt sprinkle me, Lord, with hyssop and I shall be made clean)

It's not surprising then that bunches of leaves may be used, reminding us of these plants.

Since the big changes in the outward forms of Mass, the ceremony of the Asperges, so common everywhere at the beginning of the principal Sunday Mass, has virtually disappeared.

A number of churches continue the ceremony during the Easter period as a reminder of our baptism. There is, however, no general ban on the ceremony; I think that the London Oratory has it every Sunday.

Of course, in spite of the connection in the antiphon with the hyssop plant, the antiphon during the Easter Season is instead 'Vidi aquam egredientem de templo a latere dextro''(I saw water coming out of the right side of the temple).

The 10.00 Mass at N.D. is a Mass with Gregorian chant. The 18.30 Mass is generally celebrated by the Archbishop of Paris or one of his auxiliary bishops and is broadcast every week by the French Catholic TV channel KTO

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Posted by american piskie (# 593) on :
I've been splashed with water as often as not at the principal Sunday mass in Spanish cathedrals.

And of course some of us anglicans do it every Sunday. [Smile]

A E Housman measured his life out in cherry blossom times; for me I note the decreasing number of times I'll sing the Vidi Aquam!
Posted by Ecclesiastical Flip-flop (# 10745) on :
I enjoyed reading this report. I do not often experience the asperges now, but one liturgy throughout the year, one is virtually certain to have it, is the Easter Vigil.

When I am in Paris on a Sunday, I like to attend the 18.30 evening Mass, normally celebrated by Cardinal Vingt-Trois, the present Archbishop. However, last year, I was briefly in Paris one Saturday for midday at Notre Dame. Alas, it was just the one Saturday the midday Mass was cancelled due to an earlier special Mass with the Archbishop and I could not attend a later Mass this time.
Posted by Bishops Finger (# 5430) on :
We don't have an Easter Vigil at Our Place, but we do have the Renewal of Baptismal Vows during the Easter Sunday Parish Mass. We use a large sprig of rosemary (from the Sacristan's garden), liberal amounts of Holy Water.......

Ian J.
Posted by Adam. (# 4991) on :
We begin Mass with the sprinkling rite every Sunday during the Easter season. Our aspergillium is shaped like a big shaving brush. It works well enough that our pastor has nick-named it the "sacred super-soaker." This year, we've been using a setting by Chrysogonus Waddell, OCSO with refrain "You have put on Christ, in him you have been baptized. Alleluia, Alleluia!" Our congregation of somewhat reticent singers have taken to it very well.

As my first Mass was the 2nd Sunday of Easter, I began it with sprinkling. Very effective at casting out nerves! I have a very clear memory of my emcee's smiling face (a good friend a year below me in the seminary) as I gave him a good dousing with my last flick of super soaker.
Posted by Amanda B. Reckondwythe (# 5521) on :
Hyssop leaves are all well and good, but there's something about a gold aspergillium that just, erm, **fits**!
Posted by Intrepid Thurifer (# 77) on :
Try this for an over the top Asperges:


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Posted by Ceremoniar (# 13596) on :
Originally posted by Amanda B. Reckondwythe:
Hyssop leaves are all well and good, but there's something about a gold aspergillium that just, erm, **fits**!

Agreed, or silver, which is what we have at our parish,
Posted by venbede (# 16669) on :
Last Sunday I was at mass at Brive la Galliarde in France and there was an adult baptism during the Pentecost mass. After the baptism, we all said the Apostle's Creed and the priest went round the church with a very large rosemary sprig sprinkling us with holy water held in a container by the deacon.

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