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» Ship of Fools » View recent posts: Bax

View recent posts: Bax
  Thread Board Date
1 The social-progressive mindset (Post #178) Purgatory
2 Bowing to the altar at evensong (Post #14) Ecclesiantics
3 Sex workers (Post #61) Oblivion
4 Haven't heard it all before (Post #34) Oblivion
5 Poppies - Time to Forget? (Post #68) Oblivion
6 Double-Entendre Lyrics (Post #62) Oblivion
7 Religion and The Arts, beauty and truth (Post #20) Oblivion
8 Looking for positive, joyful spiritual dusciplines. (Post #34) Oblivion
9 Nine Lessons and Carols (Post #149) Oblivion
10 What do the voices say? (Post #87) Oblivion
11 Is Heresy Outdated? (Post #52) Oblivion
12 Is Heresy Outdated? (Post #20) Oblivion
13 Is Heresy Outdated? (Post #12) Oblivion
14 Decline of religious belief means we need more exorcists? (Post #8) Oblivion
15 The 'what if they're right?' fear and what to do with it. (Post #24) Oblivion
16 Which direction should the choir face? (Post #11) Oblivion
17 Is there a future for any church in the UK? (Post #66) Oblivion
18 Mandela paradox (Post #18) Oblivion
19 What would a new liberal Christianity look like? (Post #185) Oblivion
20 House of Bishops May 2013 statement on women bishops (Post #26) Oblivion
21 Do Christians all worship the same God? (Post #7) Oblivion
22 Dangerous Sex (Post #0) Oblivion
23 Books You Can't Get Into (Post #116) Oblivion
24 Help! Help! I'm being oppressed! (Post #16) Oblivion
25 Anglican use of Roman Rite (Post #107) Oblivion
26 Anglican use of Roman Rite (Post #52) Oblivion
27 Anglican use of Roman Rite (Post #35) Oblivion
28 Anglicanism is Incarnational... unpack this (Post #46) Oblivion
29 Come on, ring those bells! (Post #19) Oblivion
30 Being Gay (Post #64) Oblivion
31 Being Gay (Post #33) Oblivion
32 Every (Yawn) Verse. (Post #21) Oblivion
33 Purgatory: I went to a catholic mass for the first time (Post #244) Limbo
34 Why do the CofE and CinW still accept ordinands who are against the OofW? (Post #20) Oblivion
35 Why do the CofE and CinW still accept ordinands who are against the OofW? (Post #6) Oblivion
36 The Church and Parliament (Post #53) Oblivion
37 The Church and Parliament (Post #51) Oblivion
38 The Church and Parliament (Post #39) Oblivion
39 The Church and Parliament (Post #0) Oblivion
40 Coffee break (Post #23) Oblivion
41 Spirituality for Extroverts (Post #30) Oblivion
42 Ecumenical brou-ha-ha in San Francisco (Post #34) Oblivion
43 On "Stuffiness" in Worship (Post #33) Oblivion
44 Oh, Grow Up! (Post #46) Oblivion
45 Whither the maniple? (Post #9) Oblivion
46 Death preferable to dependency (Post #47) Oblivion
47 Goodbye England's rose, may you ever grow in our hearts (Post #89) Oblivion
48 Which bits of the Bible MUST be included and which left out? (Post #14) Oblivion
49 Saying Grace-what's your take? (Post #47) Oblivion
50 welcoming the homeless -- what are the issues (Post #18) Oblivion

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