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Pull up a chair, get your brain in gear, and prepare for some serious time in Purgatory. This is where your ideas, views and beliefs can be refined and made fit for Heaven! Purgatory is our serious discussion space – where theological, ethical, political, social and cultural issues are discussed from a Christian perspective. All views are welcome – orthodox, unorthodox, radical or just plain bizarre – so long as you can stand being challenged. Before you jump into the fray, take a look at our guidelines for posting.

  Thread Person to blame Replies Last post
46% say media makes up stories about Trump Pages: 1 2 Ian Climacus 50
   by lilBuddha
Rohingya Gramps49 25
   by Martin60
Responsible but not guilty? Eutychus 16
   by quetzalcoatl
Harvey Weinstein and Liberal Hyposcrisy Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 stonespring 304
   by Ohher
How Do You Deal With People Who Disagree With You? Tortuf 49
   by lilBuddha
It's Monday October the 18th 2117 Pages: 1 2 Martin60 52
   by Bishops Finger
Is productivity the be-all and end-all? anteater 30
   by mark_in_manchester
Ministry when it is an "assisted death" or euthanasia? no prophet's flag is set so... 13
   by Gee D
Get a 'flu vaccine or if you get ill, do not come to work & no sick leave Pages: 1 2 no prophet's flag is set so... 79
   by Golden Key
Celtic Christianity Pages: 1 2 GeorgeNZ 79
   by fletcher christian
White terrorist not making the news Ian Climacus 6
   by rolyn
Bishop Bruno and St. James the Great Rossweisse 32
   by RuthW
Two speeches Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 PaulTH* 203
   by Leorning Cniht
The Pope is (gasp) a Lutheran? Gramps49 38
   by SvitlanaV2
Vaccinations against measles Barnabas62 26
   by Gee D
Flags and national anthems Pages: 1 2 3 4 mr cheesy 171
   by Stephen
Another idea of eternity Schroedinger's cat 26
   by Hedgehog
In the beginning ... Martin60 42
   by Martin60
Distracted driving Pages: 1 2 3 no prophet's flag is set so... 104
   by Gamaliel
Why can't God ... Pages: 1 2 Martin60 79
   by Martin60
Is theological liberalism unwelcome in the "liberal" Church Pages: 1 2 3 4 Anglican_Brat 195
   by Dafyd
Wisconsin Gerrymandering Case Ian Climacus 10
   by Gee D
Live theologians hatless 45
   by Martin60
How greater reality changes God Pages: 1 2 Martin60 50
   by Martin60
How bad is bad language? Pages: 1 2 3 Barnabas62 115
   by Martin60

Purgatory recent visitors: 12
Hope, Dafyd, Kwesi, Hedgehog, L'organist, Prester John, Jay-Emm, Moose2, Kittyville, and 3 lurker(s)

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