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This is Limbo. The threads that were reasonably deserving while alive are sent here for long-term storage. Please note: you cannot post messages on any of the threads here – they have been archived for reading only. If you're looking for threads that didn't make the cut for Limbo, check out Oblivion.

  Thread Person to blame Replies Last post
8D - Faithfree - Straws which broke the camel's back? Pages: 1 2 the famous rachel 89
   by cynic girl
8D - Kempistry - Lectio Divina Kelly Alves 35
   by fullgospel
8D - Kempistry - Prayers that really move you Pages: 1 2 Evensong 78
   by Martin PC not & Ship's Biohazard
8D - Kempistry - What is the point of prayer? Jude 45
   by Martin60
8D - Quiet Zone: "It's too quiet!" Ariel 26
   by Jengie jon
8D - Quiet Zone: Contemplative prayer and meditation Nenya 13
   by ThunderBunk
8D - Quiet Zone: Guidelines Welease Woderwick 2
   by Ariel
8D - Quiet Zone: Mindfulness Ariel 8
   by Jack o' the Green
8D - Quiet Zone: Quiet meditation Ariel 23
   by BabyWombat
8D - Quiet Zone: Silence vs stillness Schroedinger's cat 10
   by leo
8D - Quiet Zone: Silent retreats Lyda*Rose 36
   by Miffy
8D - Quiet Zone: Visual representations of silence, stillness and quiet Ariel 17
   by mark_in_manchester
8D - Quiet Zone: What makes silence? Welease Woderwick 29
   by Welease Woderwick
8D - Quiet Zone: Your journey with silence Nenya 17
   by MaryLouise
8D - VerseWorks - Do Not Go Gently into that Villanelle Doublethink. 28
   by Jamat
8D - VerseWorks - Renga: Collaborative Poem - or, If You Like Haiku, You'll Love.... Firenze 44
   by Doublethink
AS: Bell Ringers Meet in honour of St Simeon--Sat 22 July Pages: 1 2 3 Qoheleth. 146
   by Adrian1
AS: Dear Marvin ... The Hell Host Problem Page Thread Pages: 1 2 Tubbs 59
   by LRP
AS: Decluttering support Pages: 1 2 3 4 ... 19 20 21 Boogie 1000
   by Golden Key
AS: Definitive List of First Shipmeets - 10th birthday retro feature Pages: 1 2 3 Ancient Mariner 133
   by Kelly Alves
AS: EFM Pages: 1 2 3 4 Cymruambyth 150
   by Autenrieth Road
AS: Expressing solidarity with gay shipmates Pages: 1 2 3 Mark Wuntoo 103
   by iGeek
AS: Fertility Problems II Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Grits 382
   by Bronwyn
AS: Flowing Honey: Living with Diabetes Campbellite 39
   by Evangeline
AS: Greenbelt 2007 Pages: 1 2 3 4 ... 16 17 18 wesleyswig 890
   by Quizmaster

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